Satellite Internet Home Installation & Setup

New customers get a fresh satellite internet dish installed


The installation fee covers your full setup

  • A Gravity satellite dish
  • Specialised satellite modem and router
  • Professional Installation (approx. 4 hours)
  • Wiring to your modem
  • Router setup

When you make your order be sure to tell us if you have any special installation requests. This may affect your install fee as this may require the installer to make special preparation prior to their trip.

Perperation and Thinking

1. Before The Installation Begins

Before our trained technician arrives ensure you have read our installation terms.

Once the installer arrives they will:

  • Conduct a health and safety site assessment
  • Ask you some kick-off questions
  • You'll need to sign a consent form
  • Internet installation commences
Sattelite Internet Dish Installation

2. During The Install

Our technician will setup your new dish and will run cables inside to connect it to your router and modem. Things to know:

  • A Gravity Satellite dish will be installed on your roof
  • Cables will be run from the dish to your modem and router (inside)
  • Will likely require some drilling to the walls for the cables
Gravity Satellite Internet Router

3. Internet Router Configuration

Once the dish is in place and the modem is installed, the technician will configure the router.

  • The router is what will provide you with a WiFi signal.
  • If you have specific devices that you would like assistance connecting to the WiFi, please let us know in advance or ask the technician before they start their work

  • Please note we cannot guarantee that the WiFi will reach all areas of your house. Issues that relate to devices or WiFi coverage are best dealt with by your local IT person.

  • Gravity's primary job is to connect the internet to your home - not to your home devices, but we're happy to assist where we can.
Internet Connection and Configuration

4. Internet Success - Woohoo

And there we have, lift off! The technician will ask you to sign the job off.

  • Please only sign off if you are satisfied with the work and have no outstanding questions.
  • This sign off form is your opportunity to let us know how you thought the install process went.
  • Your technician may leave their contact details with you should you have any questions once they leave. Otherwise please report any issues to our helpdesk.


Q: Can I re-use my existing satellite equipment to make the install faster and/or cheaper?

A: You can, but only if the antenna (dish) size is 1.2m in diameter and the BUC/LNB or transceiver (bits attached to the long arms in front of the dish) are compatible. But there are a few caveats:


For more information, see our frequently asked questions about satellite internet

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