High Speed Satellite Internet

A few reasons why satellite Internet by Gravity is the smart choice


Netflix, Youtube, Skype. We don`t over-subscribe customers to our network. This makes a faster more reliable service for you with speeds that match your needs.

Best Pricing

We’re all about making satellite internet more affordable. That’s why our plans are so cheap. Find a cheaper, comparable service and we’ll beat it. That’s our best price guarantee.

No Fixed Contract

Sign on without constraints. Gravity offers no contract options which means you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your service at any time with no penalty. You are in full control.

Imminent Upgrade

With a new satellite launching soon, Gravity will be upgrading all its customers for FREE! Speeds up to four times fast than our current high-speed connections, and the upgrade won't cost you a cent.

Rewards Incentives

Who doesn’t like a thank you. We at Gravity value your loyalty and support and offer rewards that we know you’ll like as a way of showing our appreciation.

Personalised E-Mail

We appreciate how important being able to communicate online is. We’ll set you up with a personalised e-mail that is yours to keep, even when you leave us.