What is Satellite Internet?

Satellite Internet is high-speed internet beamed directly to your home or business from a satellite high above the earth in orbit. This means you can get a fast internet connection virtually anywhere in New Zealand. You can use Satellite Internet in the same way that wired internet is used, except you don’t need to be connected to a phone line or the fibre network.

Who is it for ?

Satellite internet is the perfect solution for:
  • People who live in areas where other internet options are too slow.
  • People who face many years delay waiting for fibre or 4G, such as areas in rural New Zealand.
  • Businesses and organisations that are required to, or simply want, a backup internet connection.
  • People who face difficulty obtaining consents (neighbours, landlord, etc) to have cabled internet installed.

Who is it not for ?

Satellite internet is not so perfect for:
  • If you already have VDSL or fibre, Satellite Internet won't improve your Internet experience.
  • Professional Gamers who love online ‘twitch gameplay’, such as first person shooting games, action sports, etc.
  • Real-time equity traders. If you don’t know what that is, then you probably don’t have to worry!

How does it work?

You can use Satellite Internet in the same way you use any other form of internet connection. If you want to understand the process better though, here’s a quick outline:

  1. It’s morning time and you want to catch up on the overnight news. You click on your favourite news website. That click (request) goes to your satellite modem, then through a cable connected to your satellite dish.
  2. Your dish then beams your request up to the satellite.
  3. The satellite relays your request down to our dish connected to our ground network.
  4. Our network then sends your request to your favourite news website.
  5. The news website gives our systems the information you requested, then we send it back up to the satellite which beams it directly to you.
  6. All this in a fraction of a second.