Installation, Re-Installation & Maintenance Policy

This policy was last reviewed or changed at 28th February, 2020

Gravity has three options available to Subscribers who wish to have satellite services installed at their premises. These options are described below. In relation to any work performed at the installation or maintenance location, the Subscriber:

  • Agrees to obtain all necessary permission and consents for works due to be performed as part of the installation. This includes that the building owner will take responsibility for all structural issues of the building for which the satellite antenna is being attached. Gravity may require this to be provided in written proof.
  • Agrees that the Gravity approved installation agent will take due care to seal holes and gaps created as part of the installation, but Gravity nor the installation agent will be held responsible or liable for subsequent damage.
  • Agrees to notify Gravity, in advance, of all known hazards that may put the Gravity approved installation agent at risk. Including but not limited to structural deficiencies, asbestos, and other hazardous materials.
  • Agrees that Gravity or its approved installation agent reserves the right to refuse installation at any time, until any identified hazards have been rectified or an alternative installation locations has been agreed to.
  • Agrees to provide the Gravity approved installation agent suitable access to installation location and to control animals that may present a safety risk. Failure to provide such access at an agreed day and time, may result in additional travel fees being charged for which the Subscriber will be liable.
  • Agrees that installation may require access to roof space and may require disconnection of mains power for safety reasons.

I. Standard Installation

An installation will be deemed to be a Standard Installation if the following requirements will be met:

  • Installation location is within thirty (30) kilometres of the nearest Gravity approved installation agent.
  • Requires either:
    • one standard 1.2m Ku satellite dish, LNB and BUC with satellite modem.
    • one standard 1.2m Ka satellite dish, Transceiver, and satellite modem.
  • Requires one standard roof mount, with ladder capable access to suitable roof location.
  • Requires no more than 15 meters of cabling, whereby such cable run will be external to the house, but terminated indoors. 
  • There is a suitable indoor location for the modem to be installed and connected to a suitable power source.

The installation of the satellite service must be performed by a Gravity approved installation agent only. The modem provided by Gravity is suitable only for Gravity’s service.

From time to time, Gravity at its sole discretion may bundle a wireless router as part of a limited time and/or limited number promotion. However, as standard, the Gravity service does not include, nor does it require, a wireless router. If you would like to set up Wi-Fi in your home, you may purchase a wireless router during the order process, or from any major electronics retailer.


II. Non-Standard Installation

Where an installation is deemed to be non-standard, you may request a quote from Gravity for the additional non-standard components of the installation. Such additional fees or not limited to, but may include scaffolding, scissor lift, additional mileage fees, larger antenna, additional cabling, larger or stronger mounts, non-roof mount (e.g. ground or wall), additional labour, or health and safety requirements.

If you are unsure about whether your installation will be standard or non-standard, you may contact our support team, or select “Request Installation Quote” when you place your order.


III. Priority Installation

Customers may choose to pay an additional fee to receive a priority installation service. This option is available for standard installations only. Gravity is under no obligation to accept your request for a Priority Installation, as it will not always be possible for us to source parts or free up an approved installation agent.

Please contact us if you have more questions regarding the Priority Installation service.


IV. Standard Re-Installation

It is possible that at some point you will require a move of premises. If you wish to continue with the Gravity service at your new location (subject to suitability) you will be required to pay for a re-installation.

  • You will be charged a $350 one time fee on your next bill.
  • You must bring your current modem and power supply when you move to the new address.
  • You will keep your existing account number with Gravity.
  • You will be responsible for all non-standard installation charges.
  • You will be responsible for travel charges of the approved agent
  • Gravity will supply an approved agent to remove the antenna from your old location, and re-mount it at the new location.

Please contact us well in advance of your pending move. This will allow us to book in an approved agent to perform the necessary de-installation and re-installation, as well as allowing us to assess the suitability of your new location.


IV. Maintenance

Your hardware and installation is subject to warranties that we specify in the Subscriber Agreement. In the event that your antenna requires repositioning/repointing Gravity may be required to charge you a site visit and repointing fee.

Any other faults to your antenna, cabling or overall system that fall outside the scope of the Consumers Guarantees Act 1993, Gravity may be required to charge you a fee to rectify the fault. No fees will be charged without your prior consent. Please refer to the Warranties section of the Subscriber Agreement for further details.

Adjusting, moving or coming into contact with the antenna is strictly prohibited unless instructed to do so by a qualified Gravity representative. Any interference with the equipment, which results in reduced service quality, or service failure, will be your responsibility. Any costs associated with restoring the service will be charged to you in full. You are entitled to receive a quotation prior to the restoration of service.  

Please contact our Customer Support if you have any questions regarding maintenance of your antenna or satellite internet system.