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Connecting the unconnected


We provide fast, reliable Satellite Internet in every corner of the country, making us one of the best rural broadband providers for Kiwis in remote areas.

Our Satellite internet gets beamed from an orbiting satellite to a dish installed on your home, business or farm. This wireless internet technology isn’t limited by cables, which makes our satellite broadband a great option for reaching virtually all of New Zealand's hard to reach locations.


Rural households whose internet connections are too slow, or whose location means they’ll be waiting years for a traditional connection (such as Fibre, 4G or consent for cable internet installation) are a perfect fit.

Gravity customers enjoy great Kiwi service, Unlimited Broadband Plans, continual innovation, and Farmlands payment options.


Gravity provides Satellite Internet Solutions for Businesses and organisations. Options include backup internet, connection for planned events and festivals, emergency and disaster coverage, portable equipment and more.


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