Terms & Conditions | Gravity Internet NZ

This Agreement was last revised on 28th February, 2020.

Gravity realises that many of us enter into binding agreements, such as the agreements found below, without actually reading them. To be fair, they are long and can be tedious to read, but that does not mean they are not important. Actually, the documents explain in great detail what your rights and obligations are, and of course what our rights and obligations are. Such things can end up being very important to know.

In no way do we suggest you do not read the policies and agreements, but we have highlighted some of the points that we think are good for you to be reminded of. So here goes! Oh, just remember that by us pointing these out that it in no way limits our terms and conditions: 

  • Unless otherwise specified, all pricing and fees are GST inclusive. Yay.
  • If your installation is not deemed to be standard, we may have to charge you a bit extra – let’s talk about this beforehand so there are no surprises.
  • If we or if you decide to cancel our agreement and the services are terminated, we really, really need you (actually we require you) to send that fancy satellite modem back to us. If you don’t, this will incur a very nasty replacement fee. Those little modems are like hen’s teeth and cost us a lot!
  • If you sign up with us for a 24 month term, all the equipment we install at your location remains our property. So please take good care of our toys! If you are on a month to month arrangement with us and paid full rate for your own installation, that dishy thing belongs to you.
  • If you fail to pay our invoices before or on the due date, we will have to charge a $15 late fee. Please pay on time, there are better things to spend $15 on – and we have better things to do with our time!
  • We talk about internet speeds on this website, please remember that no internet connection is perfect and there will be times when you won’t always experience the max speeds available. So at these times, don’t abuse the satellite dish!
  • We take certain activities rather seriously, in particular - activities that put minors at risk. Please take a look at what we and/or the law deem acceptable in our Acceptable Use Policy. Make good choices!
  • If you order a home phone, please note our '111 Contact Code' page here. We would also remind you that the home phone is delivered via satellite and is not recommended for those who are considered vulnerable. For vulnerable consumers our home phone is a service of last resort.