Setup Fee

Satellite Internet Install Fee

 Gravity is known for having some of the cheapest satellite internet installation costs in the market.

We completely understand that they seem expensive (compared to some other broadband connection fees).

Unlike traditional broadband connections (e.g. RBI/4G, Fibre, ADSL) satellite internet comes from a satellite in orbit 35,000 kms from your house. This requires specialist equipment and expertise to get it working.

Gravity satellite internet connections do not benefit from local or central government subsidies but we do our best to keep our costs as low as possible to get you connected.


Gravity Install Fee Breakdown

 Your install fee covers:

  • Specialised Satellite Modem (Worth over $460)
  • Specialised Satellite Dish, Mount & Cabling (Valued over $575)
  • Router ($110 - $195)
  • Outdoor Electronics (Worth Over $287)
  • Contractors excl Mileage* (Ranging from $275 - $475)

 The full Gravity satellite installation is valued at over $1,800

We offer this to you at a discounted rate of $1,499 on an open term contract, or just $999 on a 24 month contract!

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*Satellite installation fees can vary depending on urgency, health risk factors, distance to location (round trip), additional requirements or bespoke setups.