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Connecting Rural & Remote Kiwis with Broadband Internet anywhere in New Zealand.  

 Residential Broadband Internet Plans

Everyday Satellite

Gravity Internet uses the very latest in Satellite…

From $14/week
Additional fees apply

Unlimited Satellite

If you're looking for Unlimited data at some…

From $109/mo
Additional fees apply

Wireless 4G

Gravity Internet uses the very latest in Wireless…

From $95/mo
Additional fees apply

Home Phone

Gravity Internet uses the very latest in Satellite…

From $60/mo
Additional fees apply

If for some reason you don't find the plan you're looking for, get in touch and we'd be happy to speak about your individual needs and customise a plan that fits.

Gravity Internet have been innovating and leading the satellite Internet space across New Zealand since 2017. We have been constantly listening to our rural customers to find out what they need for their family and their business and adapting and changing to suit the needs of those Kiwi's who need us the most. Our plans are proof that Gravity Internet offer the cheapest and most flexible Satellite Internet pricing options across all of NZ.

"We spent 18 years living with dial-up and other terrible internet connections, but now with Gravity we can pretty much do whatever we want"

— Valerie Bambury, Gravity customer

FAQs about Rural Broadband

Yes, because our broadband is delivered to you via a satellite, we have coverage across all of New Zealand no matter how remote or rural you are. So as long as you can see the sky, we can setup an internet connection with you.

If you are more visual, check out our broadband coverage map

Gravity rural broadband runs through a satellite connection (which is different to 4G or Wireless). Satellite internet requires a certified installer to setup a satellite dish on your roof. The dish is then calibrated to connect with an orbiting satellite in space. Cabling is run from the dish to a modem device that sits inside your home.

If you are new to satellite internet connection type we recommend seeing our introduction guide to satellite internet

Once your Premium Data has been completely used, your plan will then be switched to standard speeds for the remainder of the month.

Standard speeds are unlimited and are at no additional charge to your plan (free).

The initial plan speed you chose will determine the standard speed, refer to the table below:

Premium Speed (Plan) Standard Speed (Unlimited)
30 Mbps 3 Mpbs
20 Mbps 2 Mbps
10 Mbps 1 Mbps
5 Mbps .5 Mpbs

* Speeds indicate the maximum speed that will be delivered to you.

We completely understand that the install fee seems expensive (compared to some other broadband connection fees).

That's why we've created a whole section on what the install fee covers

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