Wireless 4G

Gravity Internet uses the very latest in Wireless Internet technology to be able to deliver you fast and affordable connectivity wherever you are in the country. We are here to help you get connected and then support you through your journey by offering you more data as and when you need it, as well as offering new technology as it becomes available in your area. As your needs change - Gravity Internet changes with you. Get in contact with one of our team to see what plans are available at your location TODAY!

120GB Rural Wireless

With reliable and fast speeds available in both metro and rural locations, our 120GB 4G plan is perfect for a couple or a small family to get online to school, work, catch up with family and friends. There's even enough data left over to binge-watch your favourite series or a few movies in HD! Get in touch today to see if your location is eligible.

  • 120GB $95/mo
Available add-ons:
  • Need more data? ? $15/mo

300GB Rural Wireless

If you've got a larger family and you find yourself going through more data every month, then this is the plan for you! You'll have 300GB of premium speed 4G data per month and once you have hit this limit you will have ENDLESS data at reduced speeds. Perfect for the family of high internet users who are living in rural locations around the country. Get in touch today to see if you're location is eligible.

  • 300GB $159/mo
Available add-ons:
  • Endless data ? $0/mo

1000GB Urban Wireless

Are you close to a town or city but still unable to get Fibre Broadband? Are you looking for a secondary wireless connection to support your home or business? This plan is the largest data cap plan in the country and can support a large family or home business to provide enough data and speeds to do whatever you need to online. Get in touch today to see if your location is eligible.

  • 1000GB $99/mo
Available add-ons:
  • Endless data ? $0/mo
Add an optional home phone Available with all plans

In addition, we can offer you a home phone that is free from copper wires and operates over your internet connection (VoIP). This is a great option for those who are out of reach of traditional home phone lines. Includes unlimited calls to NZ and Australian landlines,  otherwise call charges apply. 

Note: Gravity does not recommend this service for those who are medically at-risk or considered a vulnerable consumer.

  • Set up $59
  • Monthly fee $29/mo
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