Andy Ellis Launches Rural Satellite Broadband

April 20th, 2018   |   News, News & Media by Gravity

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Andy Ellis is a man of many talents. Most notably rugby, family, and wagyu beef. Andy has been contributing to the internet by finding better ways to connect remote Kiwis in rural areas of New Zealand. Andy and the team at Gravity Internet have been working out ways to best provide high-speed internet to those in need outside of the mainstream cities.


Gravity Satellite Internet Launch Video 2018




Gravity Internet is New Zealand’s newest Satellite internet company. We are the cheapest in New Zealand and that’s guaranteed. We have the best quality service out of anyone. We are not a corporate giant with big corporate overheads. This allows us to be aggressive in market. We are really smart with what we are doing. A lot of satellite customers in New Zealand at the moment are getting poor services and we wanted to come into the market and change that; coming in and trying to help Kiwis be more connected.


By connected Kiwis with internet it means that when kids come home from school, and they are in a rural district, they can now jump on the internet and Google something for their homework. We’ve had success stories from Marae and Tourism hubs. Our connections are seeing farmers who are now able to monitor moisture levels and be connected whilst out on the farm for health and safety reasons. Farmers are now connected online to do accountancy work, so they can be a lot more accurate, they don’t need to carry around their cheque book anymore.


We have a range of plans so that you can decide what best suits you. We don’t tie people in, we want people to try us out and there’s no obligations to stay with us. When you move to us from your current provider you will see an incredible difference. No matter where you are, we can reach you and we can help you. From the bottom of the South Island to the top of the North Island.


We are here, and we want to help Kiwis. That’s what we are all about.

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