9 Reasons to Get Internet on Your Farm

July 23rd, 2021   |   Rural Broadband by Gravity

9 Benefits of Using Broadband on Your Farm

Can you get the internet on your farm? Fast, reliable Internet is no longer a luxury for New Zealand farmers; it is an absolute necessity in this digital age. Being part of Rural New Zealand, doesn’t mean you can’t get decent broadband. All of New Zealand can now get connected thanks to Gravity.

Where every other business is taking advantage of the internet to find a better way to improve, why do farmers fall behind by not getting an internet connection and access those same benefits?

Gravity Internet is helping rural communities access health care, government services, educational and business opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable.


Here are a bunch of things you could do to save yourself time and make farming a bit easier if you were connected to fast, reliable internet - regardless of your location.

1. Unlock The Power of Agritech


Unlock The Power of Agritech with Gravity Internet

 We mentioned there were over 100 farming-based apps on the market, each requiring internet connectivity to be worthwhile. There are apps to run your entire milking production, apps for ripeness detection in fruit and vegetables, apps to test for mastitis via online analysis, even apps to open and close the gates. Dairy Diary from Fonterra helps with milk production, Minda Live keeps an eye on your stock, and Farm IQ does practically everything else. There’s an app for everything on the farm and although some can work offline, you don’t get the true benefits from them unless you are connected.

2. Access Weather Updates


Access Weather Updates with Gravity Internet

 We don’t need to tell you that the weather affects farming – being able to keep one eye on the forecast throughout the day, rather than only when you leave the house in the morning, is crucial.

3. Hire Farming Staff


Hire Farming Staff with Gravity Internet NZ

 With COVID closing borders, good staff can be hard to find. Get online and get the right staff. NZ Farming job is just one of huge range of web based recruitment sites for New Zealand farm staff.

4. Slash Your Admin Time


Slash Your Admin Time with Gravity Internet Connection

 If you are in the cowshed waiting for the boy to finish the wash down, don’t wait till after dinner, you can get on with your paperwork then and there. Pick one of those 100+ farming apps we mentioned above and sort the admin on the spot. Pay the bills, do the banking, set up invoices, it can all be done online via your Gravity Satellite Unlimited Broadband connection.

5. Buy or Sell Machinery


Buy or Sell Machinery Online with Gravity Internet Connection

 Buy it all online, you don’t need to take a day off to drive to the nearest big town and have a salesman talk your ear off for an hour. It’s all online. You can even give Fieldays a miss next year and avoid all the townies and their brand new designer gumboots…

6. Trade Livestock


Trade Livestock to Plan Your Next Move with Gravity Internet Connection

Buy low, sell high. Check out the latest sales with Wrightsons ‘AgOnline’ and plan your next move.

7. Plan Your Next Move



Check Online Property Sites to Buy New Farm with Gravity Internet

 Speaking of planning a move…is it time to upgrade your farm? There are plenty of online property sites showcasing the best rural New Zealand has to offer.

8. Stream Sports


Stream Live Sports with Gravity Internet

 Watch the rugby live for a change. Having a decent internet connection will not only help you be more efficient on the farm, giving you some free time, but it will also mean you can actually stream live sports. How good would it be to pop the All Blacks on in the shearing shed?

9. Find Love


Find Love Online with Gravity Internet Connection

 Online dating for farmers is something too…just saying.

In conclusion, you don’t have to wait till the end of the day to “upload and update”, with Gravity Satellite Broadband you can do it now. Our broadband plans cover all of New Zealand, even your cowshed. Don’t settle for farming like it is still 1980, move into the future and take advantage of being connected to the internet. Productivity is profitability, so think about getting your farm connected today.

Gravity Connecting the Un-Connected

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