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An additional $19/month lease fee applies to 12 and 24 month contracts.
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We have three options for your installation and contract:

24 Month Contract

Our most popular contract option not only gives you plan security, it also helps reduce the upfront costs of your satellite installation whilst still giving you the ability to upgrade your plan at any time. Additional travel charges apply.

  • Monthly lease fee $19/mo
  • Installation $495

12 Month Contract

Not sure how long you're going to need your connection? We can offer a shorter term contract if you think your circumstances might change sooner than 24 months. Helpful if you're on a 12 month job contract. Additional travel charges apply.

  • Monthly lease fee $19/mo
  • Installation $1199

Open Term Contract

If you're looking for more flexibility with you connection then this is the option for you. Very popular with Bach owners, seasonal travelers or just those looking for more control over their connection. Additional travel charges apply.

  • Monthly lease fee $0/mo
  • Installation $1999
Add an optional home phone Available with all plans

In addition, we can offer you a home phone that is free from copper wires and operates over your internet connection (VoIP). This is a great option for those who are out of reach of traditional home phone lines. Includes unlimited calls to NZ and Australian landlines,  otherwise call charges apply. 

  • Set up $59
  • Monthly fee $29/mo
Whānau coming to stay and need a little more data one month?

We all need a little flexibility with our lives and our internet connection is no different. If you find yourself going over your data cap at anytime, simply give us a call and we can "top you up" in no time and get the family back to enjoying the latest movies or simply connecting with people online.

  • 20GB $49
  • 60GB $99
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