Fair Access Policy

This policy was reviewed or changed on 28th February, 2020. 

The benefit of having a fair access policy for Gravity customers, is to protect the majority from the minority. There can be a very small percentage of users that are involved in high download activities for extended periods of time. The amount of activity happening on the system at any given time can affect the download speeds of everyone else in the system. To put it simply, this Fair Access policy deters high usage customers from “hogging” the bandwidth on a continuous basis.

Accordingly, Gravity maintains a Fair Access Policy for all subscribers. This policy establishes an equitable balance in Internet access for all Gravity subscribers.

This Fair Access Policy is separated into two sections, please understand which section applies to you:

(1) Subscribers that are signed up to a monthly CAPPED DATA (e.g. Gravity 50GB, Gravity 100GB, etc). This also includes subscribers on our unlimited plans which have data based speed reduction.

(2) Subscribers that are signed up to a monthly UNCAPPED / UNLIMITED plan.


Unless your service plan states otherwise, Gravity service plans (unlimited, uncapped or capped) are for residential use only. Incidental use for business purposes will not result in penalties, however you must not use your connection for purposes that are significantly business related. Please contact us should you have specific connectivity requirements that relate to non-personal / non-residential purposes.


To ensure consistent performance for all subscribers, a Fair Access Policy provides for a limit, based on your service plan on the amount of data which can be used in a calendar month. The policy is implemented automatically by monitoring your usage, including data which is sent from or to your Gravity modem. Each service plan with a data cap assigned will have a data limit. This is the amount of data, in bytes, which can be uploaded or downloaded within the month at full speed.

If your data usage exceeds the allowance for your plan, either (a) the throughput (speed) of your service will be reduced until your next billing period. The speeds will be reduced to that which is specified for each plan. Reduced speeds will still enable you to use the internet, but not at the same speed and performance. Or (b) you may request to purchase an additional data pack for the month, please contact our helpdesk to order your data pack. 

Any unused Data Allowance at the end of your cycle is lost, and your Data Allowance is reset to the normal monthly amount assigned to your Service Plan.


Bandwidth allocated to subscribers on an uncapped data service plan is reviewed and increased as required, but there is at any time only a fixed amount of bandwidth available.  In other words, we can't all have unlimited access, all the time, to a shared resource that has limited supply! 

This section of the Fair Use Policy is intended to ensure that the experience of the vast majority of our uncapped subscribers are not compromised by the extreme and unreasonable usage of a small minority. Gravity reserves the right to modify (through speed and other techniques) the behaviour of individual subscribers that frequently use significantly more data or bandwidth than the majority of the uncapped subscribers and/or use their internet service in a way that negatively affects the experience of other subscribers. If you, as an uncapped subscriber are found to be in the top 5% of subscribers and your usage is negatively impacting the network, we may attempt to communicate with you and ask to modify your usage, or we may suggest an alternative solution, or we may exercise our rights outlined elsewhere in this policy.

We may issue a warning under this Fair Use Policy where in our reasonable opinion your use of our services is excessive and/or unreasonable by materially exceeding estimated usage patterns over any month. If, after we have requested that you stop or alter your use to come within our Fair Use Policy, your excessive or unreasonable use continues, we may without further notice, apply bandwidth restrictions to your account for the excessive and/or unreasonable element of your use. Where this policy or where our subscriber agreement permits, we may suspend, modify or restrict your use of our services.

How is my usage calculated?

Gravity counts each byte of data sent from, or to, your modem. This includes packet headers, re-transmissions, and other standard overhead which is part of any IP communications. However, when Gravity is able to apply compression and reduce the size of the data you send or receive, only the compressed (smaller) data is counted against your usage. Gravity also monitors ongoing bandwidth usage on a per subscriber basis.