Fixed Term Contracts

Firstly, reading this page is not a substitute for reading our terms and conditions!

To try make it more affordable for customers to have satellite installed, Gravity offers a fixed term contract. Generally, the fixed term contract will be for a 24 month period. Fixed term contracts offer us assurance that we will be supplying you for a fixed period, this allows us to spread the up front costs over the full period of the contract - making the initial install / sign-up fees less for you! Happy days!

The alternative to a fixed term contract, is a month to month contract. Under a month to month contract, you'll pay the full install fees up front, but can exit your contract with just 30 days notice. 

Under a fixed term contract, there are different costs you will need to pay:

  • Monthly or Annual subscription plan fee (recurs each month or year, covers your data plan and any add-ons you choose)
  • Equipment lease fee (recurs each month for as long as you use our equipment)
  • Install fee (one off fee, as advertised or quoted to you prior to signing up)
  • Install mileage (a per km rate for our installer's travel)

You will be notified of these costs prior to signing up on your fixed term contract. 

If you choose to terminate the fixed term contract before you reach the full term, then early exit fees will likely apply. Check the subscriber agreement for details. 

Some extra things to note:

  • We don't issue paper, printed versions of the agreement. They are all contained on our website.
  • You are legally deemed to have accepted the agreement (be it fixed term or month to month) by using our service. 
  • Fixed term contracts are subject to credit criteria, we will seek your consent to perform a credit check.
  • All connections are subject to our Fair Access Policy, please be familiar with it before using our service.

Finally, please always ask one of our team if you have any questions regarding the agreements and the contract you are entering into. We are here to help and it is much easier to talk about things before not after you make a commitment. 

Please note: Whether you are on a fixed term contract or a month to month contract, you are still subject to a subscriber agreement, which also incorporates some other agreements. Please check our terms and conditions page here.