Satellite Internet Technology Available Now in New Zealand

Gravity is proud to have partnered with the latest technological broadband advancements that rolled out across Asia Pacific, but most importantly - rural New Zealand.

Built by Boeing,
Launched by SpaceX

In December 2019, Gravity's technology providers launched a high-tech, state-of-the-art satellite (Kacific1) from the SpaceX launch pad.

artist interpretation of kacific1 satellite in space

The new satellite uses the latest technology built by Boeing (the world's largest aerospace company). It is the first of its kind in our region, offering next-generation internet connectivity and speeds. Coverage expands across 25 nations throughout southeast Asia, Pacific Islands and New Zealand.

High Speed,
Affordable and
Accessible Internet

The satellite can now provide high speed, affordable and accessible internet to rural and remote users. Prior to 2020, a lack in technology and capacity prevented New Zealand communities from benefiting from a fast internet connection. This has all changed.

artist interpretation of kacific1 satellite in space

Gravity has ushered in the new satellite technology, which is a game changer for farmers, rural communities and remote dwellers in New Zealand. The new broadband technology is now available on all Gravity plans.

Internet speeds of
30 Mbps or more! 

When users connect to the internet via our new satellite technology, they can now enjoy fast speeds that have not been available before to remote and rural households. Satellite broadband customers can expect download speeds to increase by up to 4x more than what we have in the past and even more on certain plans.

Currently we have data plans with speeds of up to 30 Mbps, but we're working on even more speed! 

  • Up to 7x faster than existing rural ADSL connections
  • Faster speeds than 3G and 4G*
  • Faster than the average New Zealand household**

* Based on typical 4G connection speeds, but not exclusively faster in all cases.

** Based on 2017 internet NZ survey data.

The new satellite internet speeds can allow Gravity customers to enjoy everything that urban customers have for years.

  • Greatly improved streaming experiences
  • Better capabilities for Multiple device use
  • Significantly faster upload speeds
  • More seamless filesharing, software updates and backups


New Zealand Internet Speeds Compared to Gravity Satellite


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Available Through
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