Gravity Customer Upgrade Deal

All new broadband plans have arrived

A brand new satellite has launched and is able to deliver the fastest and most affordable satellite internet that rural NZ has ever seen.

Customer launch offer

For all existing customers

Limited time upgrade offer

Upgrade to a new plan and

Get FREE install of our new high-speed service

Get a 30 day trial of our premium 30Mbps speeds

(at no extra cost from your current plan)

Offer only available on a 24 month contract, upgrade must be ordered before midnight 31st March 2020.

1. Choose Your Own Data & Max Download Speed

Unlimited Broadband Plans
Data Cap (GB)
How much data you get before your speed is slowed
Max In-Cap Speed
Your maximum download speed (Mbps)
Plan price per month
400GB Plan 30Mbps $319
20Mbps $299
10Mbps $279
5Mbps $249
250GB Plan 30Mbps $219
20Mbps $199
10Mbps $189
5Mbps $179
100GB Plan 30Mbps $169
20Mbps $149
10Mbps $139
5Mbps $129
50GB Plan 30Mbps $119
20Mbps $99
10Mbps $89
5Mbps $79

All prices and plans are only valid for our limited time launch only deal, offer ends 31 March 2020

Chosen your options?


How much data is right for me?

400 GB: Typically suited for a larger family size and multiple connected devices, such as: computers, phones, laptops, iPads and smart TVs. You love daily internet use and enjoy streaming or downloading videos, movies, sport and music.

250 GB: Best for an average size family with a few connected devices such as computers, phones, tablets and smart TVs. You use the internet every day for activities like emailing, social media, and streaming videos.

100 GB: This is all you need if you are a household of 1-3 people, or only have a small handful of devices connected. Great for casual activities such as: email, social media, browsing and video streaming.

50 GB: Our most basic option, best for 1-2 people who only use the internet occasionally. Covers all the essentials like emails and a bit of browsing from time to time, or the odd cat video.

What Speed is Right For Me?

30 Mbps (New): Over twice the speed of our plans in 2019, thanks to the launch of a brand-new satellite. This fast connection speed will give you quicker loading times, high resolution streaming, minimal buffering, and lets you play a variety of online games (that are not ping sensitive).

20 Mbps (New): Faster than any of the speeds we could offer in 2019, thanks to the launch of a brand-new satellite. This allows higher resolution streaming, less buffering, and quicker downloading.

10 Mbps: A casual speed that will let you stream video in standard resolution, browse the web, and stream music.

5 Mbps: A slow but cost-effective speed, great for people who only need to do the basics. Streaming video or music will need to be in the lowest possible resolution.

"We spent 18 years living with dial-up and other terrible internet connections, but now with Gravity we can pretty much do whatever we want"

— Valerie Bambury, Gravity customer

FAQs about Rural Broadband

Yes, because our broadband is delivered to you via a satellite, we have coverage across all of New Zealand no matter how remote or rural you are. So as long as you can see the sky, we can setup an internet connection with you.

Rural broadband typically means there is no internet cable connected to the person’s home, which is usually because they are living on a farm or a remote area where they are unable to get ADSL, VDSL or Fibre. Most common types of rural internet connections are 4G Wireless or Satellite.

This depends on the type of rural broadband you are using. If you are using a 4G Wireless connection, installation is as easy as plugging in a unique 4G capable modem device.

Gravity rural broadband is through a satellite connection, which is different to 4G Wireless. Satellite internet requires a certified installer to setup a satellite dish on your roof. The dish is then calibrated to connect with an orbiting satellite. Cabling is run from the dish to a modem device that sits inside your home.

This depends on the type of rural broadband you are using. If you are using a 4G wireless connection, speeds on average can be 100 Mbps Down and 20 Mbps Up.

Gravity rural broadband is through a satellite connection, which has speeds of 14 Mbps Down and 2 Mbps Up. If you are able to get a stable 4G connection at your home, this will be the faster connection type to use.

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