Satellites and Sausages – Fieldays 2021

July 16th, 2021   |   News, News & Media by Gravity

Gravity Team at Fieldays

We know it’s been a few weeks since Fieldays 2021 concluded but the Gravity Team have finally dried off their boots and warmed up their limbs and are back to work ensuring that all of the lovely people we met last month are connected to our service ASAP!

It was the first time Gravity have been involved in the National Fieldays event, having provided internet services to South Island Agricultural Fieldays earlier this year and exhibited at AgFest on the West Coast late last year - and it was everything we expected but so much more.

The event itself started for us early in the week, setting up our site amidst torrential downpours, heavy winds and that glorious winter daylight which leaves at about 3 o'clock in the afternoon – but we are told that this is all part of the Feildays experience so we strapped on our high-vis and got the job done.

When the gates opened on Wednesday morning it didn’t take long for us all to realise that this was going to be a busy week. From that point until Saturday afternoon there wasn’t a time when at least one of our six staff who were manning our site, wasn’t talking to someone about our satellite internet services. It never ceased to amaze me how manty times I heard “Well, all this sounds great but there’s no way you’ll be able to reach us- we’re too far out!” to which the answer was invariably “We can get you connected anywhere!”

The feeling around the “Gravity Community Hub” where we highlighted our work with Towai Markets, Far North District Council, AST, Optus and Kacific - just to name a few, was always a positive one no matter how bad the weather got. Our CEO, Tim Johnson was there serving sausages off the BBQ to keep people fed and we had coffee, tea and hot milo for those that needed a little warming up. We also had a live satellite connection with a free wifi hotspot for those wanting to share their stories on Instagram. We even streamed live the Euro 2020/21 England game on Saturday morning and had some very passionate supporters stop by to give their country a cheer!

Although there were many highlights to the week, including; educating people to the benefits of satellite internet and just how far we can reach, to signing up new customers who have never had an internet connection at their home before, there is one that stands out above all others – When one our staff heard a young boy on the phone to his mum trying to tell her where he was and he said “Mum, we’re at that Gravity place. You know the one with Satellites and Free Sausages?!”

Well, I guess the marketing team hit a home run with that one!

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