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Our Satellite Internet Plans

If none of the above plans is the right option for you, have a look at our Gravity U plan. Choose and create your own personalised satellite Internet plan suited to your needs.

Check out the Add-ons and Freebies available with every Gravity satellite Internet Plan.

  • All our satellite packages have speeds of up to
    10 MBPS down and 1 MBPS up.
  • Standard installation is $1,499, which includes all the hardware you need to get going.
  • There are no fixed term contracts here.
  • If you choose to cancel our service, all you need to do is send us our modem back.

Compare Packages

Plan Monthly
Value for
$ per GB
... if paid
$ Value
per GB
Gravity X $49.00 As you go $44.92 As you go
Gravity 3 $69.00 $23.00 $63.25 $21.08
Gravity 10 $99.00 $9.90 $90.75 $9.07
Gravity 20 $139.00 $6.95 $127.42 $6.37
Gravity 50 $229.00 $4.58 $209.92 $4.20
Gravity 100 $349.00 $3.49 $319.92 $3.20
Gravity U Choose Create your personal satellite Internet plan.

If another provider is offering a cheaper comparable service, then we’ll beat it.