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Package Add-ons

Sometimes you just want a little extra to make your satellite broadband even better.
We're always working hard on behalf of our customers to bring new and exciting extras to add to our service. Here is a list of addons available today:

Night Owl $9 / month
When you add this to your satellite broadband plan, any data you use between midnight and 6am won't be counted against your monthly quota. Get those downloads queued up!
(Can be added to any plan during the order process)
$9 / month
Extra Data $9 / GB
If you’re on our Gravity X plan or if you have used all of your monthly data and want more, we’ll bill you per Gigabyte (GB) $9 / GB
Wiresless Router $150.00 One Time
All of our packages include a satellite modem which you can plug your computer into. But if you want Wi-Fi and don't have your own Wi-Fi router, we can provide you with one and install it at the same time as your satellite connection. $150.00 One Time
Home Phone Line $9 / month + $59.00 Setup Fee
(Includes Wireless Router) Use your satellite connection for a home phone line also. We give you a NZ number with free local calling. Just plug a normal phone into the box that we will provide. Mobile, National and International calling rates apply. Download Rates List. $19 / month
+ $59.00 Setup Fee
Data Insurance FREE
Instead of charging you extra fees if you exceed your monthly data quota. We will simply reduce your speed, limiting your use to mostly email and basic browsing. No unexpected bills!
(Please note: not available on the Gravity X plan)
$ FREE !
Personalised Email Account FREE
Your very own personalised email account from our partner provider, Octopoly.com. For as long as you are a customer of Gravity, you will continue to receive one free personalised email account. If you decide to leave Gravity, you can take the email account with you. You are in control! $ FREE !

Gravity Add-Ons