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Frequently Asked Questions

When you place an order with Gravity, you can choose from the following options:

  1. Add our 'Data Insurance' add-on for free. What this does is when your monthly data runs out, it reduces your internet speed limiting your use to mostly email and basic websites, but we won't charge you for the extra data you use.
  2. Don't add the 'Data Insurance'. If there is no data insurance, we will simply bill you at the end of the month for all the extra data you used. Please check our website for current rates.

You can change which option you prefer at any time by contacting our support team or in the secure Customer Portal.

Please Note: For customers that use the Gravity X package, you will always be charged for the data you use, so please monitor your usage carefully.

Most of New Zealand and the outer lying islands are covered by our satellite service. This includes the Chatham Islands. In some cases, depending on your precise location, there may be obstacles between you and our satellite. For example, there may be a hill or mountain obstructing the line of sight.

There’s a few ways you can find out:

  1. Contact us and provide us with the coordinates or address of the location you want to have satellite internet at.
  2. Download the app called “Dishpointer”, it is an augmented reality app that helps you find satellites in the sky. Look for “128E JCSAT-3A” in the list of satellites within the app. Hold your device to the sky and see if you have clear line of sight to the satellite.

Yes, you certainly can, we do it all the time.

Unfortunately not. Our satellite dishes need to be attached to a secure, non-moving mount – such as the roof of a building.

Nearly all your internet activities work superbly with satellite internet. However, we would not recommend satellite internet if you intend on doing the following:

  • Online gaming that involves ‘twitch gameplay’. Lots of online gaming applications work well on our service, but games such as first person shooters, action sports, fighting games, etc, are not well suited to satellite internet.
  • Real-time equities trading. If you are planning on engaging in this kind of activity, we would suggest you find an alternative internet service.

Because there is a distance of about 39,000 kilometers between the dish on your roof and the satellite, it takes a fraction of a second for information to take a round trip from start to finish. This adds around half of a second to the response times of requests. For this reason, we do not recommend our satellite service for action games and equities trading.

Do not confuse latency with speed though, as these are two different things. Often, when people complain about latency, they are really complaining about the speed or reliability of the connection. The speed of the connection can be affected for many reasons, especially ISP’s adding too many customers to their network. Gravity does not over subscribe customers to its service.

For satellite internet to work, there are a few important things involved:

  • A modem at your property
  • A satellite dish connected to your modem
  • A satellite in orbit that talks to your dish
  • A Network Operations Center that talks to the satellite and the internet

Quite simply, the satellite is there to relay the internet to you. It does this without you needing a phone line, cellular coverage or fibre.

We have a range of plans intended to suit most households and businesses. Which plan is right for you depends on how you use the internet. All our plans are based on how much data you use each month, ranging from a pay as you use package, up to a 100GB package. If you’re unsure of how much data you might need in a month, here is a guide to help you:

Activity 3GB 10GB 20GB 50GB
Streaming Audio/Radio 42 hrs 140 hrs 280 hrs 720 hrs
DVD Quality Streaming Video 4.5 hrs 15 hrs 30 hrs 75 hrs
HD Quality Streaming Video 1.5 hrs 5 hrs 10 hrs 25 hrs
Web Browsing 1,500 pages 5,000 pages 10,000 pages 25,000 pages
Social Media 9 hrs 30 hrs 60 hrs 150 hrs

This is intended as a guide only.

Our packages are rated at speeds of up to 10mbps down and 1mbps up. Like all internet connections, there are factors that may from time to time affect the speed of your connection. One of the biggest factors is the time of day you use the internet.

To put this in context, Netflix recommends a down speed of 5 mbps for HD video streaming.

Firstly, with Gravity you do not need to be connected to the fibre network or have cellular coverage to enjoy our broadband service.

If you’re comparing Gravity with other satellite internet providers, we suggest you compare prices and then visit our WHY CHOOSE GRAVITY page.

In the future, we will be introducing a self-install option, but this is not available at this time.

This mostly depends on your location and how difficult it may be for an installer to visit you. Although it can be a lot quicker, you should expect to wait between 10 - 15 working days, from the date your order was confirmed.

A standard installation includes all of the hardware you need to get going (satellite dish, modem, cabling, etc) and an installer to take care of the installation.

You get to keep the satellite dish and the cabling, but you must return the modem to us if you cancel your service. Please check our terms and conditions.

If you paid for a standard or priortiy installation (meaning you own the satellite dish and cabling), then you can cancel your account at any time, with no penalties. If you’re not sure if you own the hardware, just get in contact with us and we will let you know.

We also have a buy-back option, so if you cancel your account and you own the dish, we’ll make an offer to buy it back from you!

At any time, yes you can.

Gravity has partnered with a New Zealand based provider of email services, called Octopoly. As a Gravity customer, you will receive a voucher to spend at Octopoly.com for email services. We do this so that if you do decide to cancel your Gravity account, you won’t lose your email address.

Just let us know when and where you’re planning to move to. We will:

  1. Assess suitability at the new location
  2. Discuss with you your options for moving you satellite dish

There will likely be a fee payable to move your satellite dish, but this is on a case by case basis.

Gravity uses JCSAT-3A located at 128 degrees E. This is a proven satellite and is in use in other parts of the world. In 2019, Gravity will upgrade all customers to a brand new satellite currently being built by Boeing, to be launched by SpaceX. We will tell you more about that closer to the time.

Yes you can use a standard VPN over a satellite connection, however this will likely result in a reduction of performance. This is because acceleration technology that our systems use can no longer “accelerate” the transmission once the VPN is established, as all data within the secure tunnel is encrypted.

Check with us first if you plan to make extensive use of VPNs.

There are many benefits, but some that you may not have thought of are:

  • In the event of emergency, such as earthquakes, your internet connection should remain unaffected. Even if the cabled and cellular networks become damaged or overloaded.
  • Satellite dishes and modem can be solar powered, allowing you to continue to use internet even in a power cut.
  • Nearly all the time, satellite internet has no impact on the environment or your neighbours, making installation easy and eco-friendly.