Explore our Satellite Business Solutions.

Fixed or Mobile?

Whether it is for everyday business needs, or something a little more extreme, Gravity will get you connected. 

Explore our wide range of satellite connectivity options, from comms on the move, remote WiFI, all the way to backhaul and trunking services. 

At Gravity we have a unit that is dedicated to providing satellite communications to Government, Business and critical situations such as emergencies and disasters.

We deliver connectivity using a network of multiple satellites, providers and platforms.  Our equipment ranges from handheld devices, backpack kits through to vehicle towed units.  

  • Contended or uncontended bandwidth.
  • GEO & LEO - Ku, Ka & L Bands.
  • Fixed or mobile - data or voice.
  • Equipment to rent or purchase.

It's all about the right solution for the requirements, whether it's planned events, emergencies or just keeping your business online.

— Toby Cunliffe-Steel, Gravity Critical Communications Manager

We can help with...

Satellite that is installed on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. Comprised of an antenna (dish) and a commercial grade modem. Monthly plans that can be on contended bandwidth or uncontended bandwidth, billed by capacity or data consumed.  

These solutions are ideal for rural and remote businesses, or for any business that requires a backup internet connection for continuity / redundancy. 

Intended for planned events and festivals requiring connectivity due to remoteness or for health and safety. We are 100% mobile and can accommodate most requirements that your event demands. Equipment is designed to be walked in, driven in or flown in. 

We can support you with internet connectivity as well as voice solutions, covering VoIP, sat phone or push-to-talk. Internet can be configured how you need it, private for organisers, athletes, media, VIP guests - or open to the public via a paid gateway or free registration. 

Establishing communications in the event of a disaster or emergency is vital. Pre-existing communications infrastructure may or may not be available, with satellite often becoming the only option available.  Many agencies and first responders, rely on satellite as their communication technology of choice. With few coverage limitations and a natural independence to ground conditions, satellite is the strategic solution. 

Gravity is partnered with Ground Control and has a wide variety of equipment available. Our satellite partners enable us to offer a range of bandwidth and data options, accommodating most capacity and technology requirements.

Talk to us about solutions on a lease or ownership model, or our on-call solutions based on rapid response protocols. 

New Zealand scenery and landscapes make for some of the most stunning backdrops in the world. However, the landscape does not make remote communications very easy. The well established and growing television / movie production industry, is placing more demand than ever on having internet access - regardless of where. 

We know how important it is to have comms wherever you and your crew need to be. Our equipment can support your project anywhere in the country, with a wide variety of solutions and capabilities.  Get in touch today to confidentially discuss your project, film or media requirements with our team. 


Gravity is one of the largest satellite bandwidth consumers in the country. We have significant amounts of bandwidth available for backhaul or trunking. We can accommodate permanent or semi-permanent installations along with a wide range of bandwidth options, using monthly or annual billing structures. 

Gravity offers bespoke reseller and affiliate arrangements with partners around New Zealand. If you would like to offer satellite broadband to your existing customers, there is a variety of ways in which we can help you do this. Gravity is the only kiwi ISP that is dedicated to satellite, so chances are, we are going to be the right partner for you. 

We don't believe in one size fits all. So talk to us today about what you need and what you want to get out of a relationship with us. We will build something custom for you.